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You only need to purchase one license for your entire church!

Your annual church license is based on the average size of your congregation (not your Sunday School attendance). One person subscribes online and then gives up to 18 leaders in the congregation access to the material by registering their email addresses.

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Music References

The primary music referenced in Whole People of God comes from Wood Lake Publishing’s Sunshine Sing-along CD and Songbook as well as the Rainbow Sing-along CD and Songbook. This CD/Songbook collection of over 60 songs each and can be purchased as a set. Extra Songbooks or CDs are also available for individual purchase (save 20% when you order online). We hope you enjoy this wonderful music resource along with your Whole People of God resources.

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Wood Lake Publishing, the publisher of Whole People of God, also offers a variety of resources as great additions to the WPOG curriculum. Order online and receive a 20% discount on all books!

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