What Is Included

One price – one full church package – one year!

(September to August)

What you get with your license

Order Whole People of God based on your average weekly church attendance. The purchase of a license grants your church access to ALL of the age-level and worship materials listed below.

The ONLINE content available to download and print includes:

  • Unit Introduction, and Planning Notes
  • At Home Leaflets (one per unit)
  • Teacher Training Outline for each unit
  • Lectionary Bookmarks
  • Weekly Biblical Backgrounds
  • Weekly Theme Conversations with Children's hymn suggestions
  • Additional Weekly Worship Resources and Suggestions
  • Intergenerational material for special Sundays of the church year
  • Weekly Sessions with reproducible activity sheets for all Ages from 3 to 18
    • Nursery – Age 3
    • Beginner – Ages 4-6
    • Primary – Ages 7-8
    • Junior – Ages 9-11
    • Youth – Age 12+
  • Summer Sessions from June to August (Multiage format)
  • Teaching Pictures – One set of colour teaching pictures for one class of younger children (Nursery, Beginner, and Primary) and one class of older children (Junior and Youth) are included to download and print yourself (formatted for 8.5" x 11" printing – colour recommended) OR you can choose the package with teaching pictures already printed (shipping and handling apply). Additional sets of the teaching pictures may also be purchased separately.

Receiving your order
Printed copies of the Teaching Pictures (if ordered), and any Related Resources you may have ordered, including music, will be shipped in July. Note: Shipping charges will apply.

What you get weekly

Each weekly age-level downloadable file contains a two-page lesson, reproducible activity sheets, and resources. Lesson flow:

  1. Purpose
  2. Preparation
  3. Opening
  4. Introducing the Theme
  5. Exploring the Theme
  6. Integrating the Theme
  7. Closing

Download samples

Weekly biblical backgrounds, theme conversations, suggested hymns, prayers, liturgies, and many experiential activity ideas are included. Teachers and leaders are thoroughly supported.

All coloured teaching pictures referred to in the lessons are available to print, or mailed (if ordered), as part of your subscription.


Music References

The primary music referenced in Whole People of God Online comes from Wood Lake Publishing’s Sunshine Sing-along CD and Songbook, with 48 songs, as well as the Rainbow Sing-along CD and Songbook, with more than 65 songs. Extra Songbooks or CDs are also available for individual purchase. The Sunshine CD can also be purchased as an entire download or as individual MP3s. We hope you enjoy this wonderful music to accompany your Whole People of God resources.

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