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Whole People of God links worship and education, and therefore, strengthens the life of your congregation because children and adults can experience the same story at their own level and talk about what they have experienced. The same themes flow through both the worship materials and the lesson materials each week.



2020-21 Year at a Glance
Sample Unit Logo - Unit 1, 2020
Sample At-home Leaflet - Unit 1, 2020
Sample Biblical Background and Theme Conversation - September 27, 2020
Sample Additional Worship Resources - September 27, 2020
Sample Nursery Lesson - September 27, 2020
Sample Beginner Lesson - September 27, 2020
Sample Primary Lesson - September 27, 2020
Sample Junior Lesson - September 27, 2020
Sample Youth Lesson - September 27, 2020
Sample All Ages Lesson - May 23, 2021
Sample Coloured Teaching Picture


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Simple and Easy-to-Use!

The materials are organized by week with the date clearly marked. All the materials available for that date are in one area of the website – Worship Resources and Age-Level materials. No need to look in three different places! You just open, then view or print what you need.

Very flexible!

Worship and Christian Education leaders can browse ALL the materials to see what the children will be doing! If you have a small, one-class Sunday school and have both younger and older children, leaders can glance over ALL the materials for Nursery, Beginner, Primary, Junior, and Youth online and choose activities that are suitable.

When you subscribe, you and others in your congregation can have access to ALL the materials. Individual parts of the resource are not sold separately because we want this to be a resource that is especially helpful to small churches who have different needs at various times of the year.


There is no wasted paper, as you print off just what you need. The activity sheets can then be reproduced for the number of children you are expecting.

Priced Especially for Small Congregations!

Subscription rates are calculated based on the average attendance of your congregation.

This resource is especially suitable for small congregations with varying needs and works out to less than $10.00 per month for the smallest congregation size!

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